Friday, March 4, 2016

Burn The Ships

Burn The Ships by Keith Cook

"Proclaim the message; be persistent, whether the time is favorable or unfavorable; convince, rebuke, and encourage with the utmost patience...As for you, always be sober, endure suffering. Do the work of an evangelist, carry out your ministry fully." II Timothy 4:2 & 5

In the early 1500's Spanish explorer Cortez sailed to North America and landed in Mexico. His crew was tired, battered, and beaten. There had been talk about going back home. There was even a small mutiny that had been dealt with. Their spirits were low. Cortez had to do something to set the pace and gain an advantage in order to launch out into a new and challenging world.

Cortez ordered all the ships in the fleet to be burned and destroyed, Except One! He then called all his crew together and there on the shores offered a challenge to press on to fulfill the task before them.

With their ships burning at their backs he offered this challenge and explanation. "I have burned our ships so there is no going back. We are here to complete our task yet I have saved one ship that is sailing back to the comfort and pleasure of our homeland. Choose you this day to carry on the charge we have been given by our queen and our country, or take the last and only ship away from this land of opportunity, duty, and honor."

These men faced a burning dilemma, just as you face many burning dilemmas in your daily personal life.

Their leader was burning with passion for their mission. Did they share his all consuming passion for the task? If not, they should run and flee the task before them. Today, do you share our Lord's passion for the job he has left with you? Are you on fire with the zeal of God to do His Kingdom work?

These men forever would live under the reflection of the ships burning behind them. The memory of the day they made a resolute decision to do their task with no turning back would forever be seared in their minds. They would never look back. They could face what was before them because they had no demons trailing them from behind. Have you made the all important decision to burn all the bridges that you have built up in your life to escape into your culture, your rest, and pleasure? Take charge of your spiritual state and destroy the last bastion of power that the Devil has over you. Abandon your total will to the Lordship and Direction of your Captain, Jesus Christ. No looking back. Only look forward to the challenge ahead.

Seared into their memories forever were the joys and comforts of past victories. They could simply retire to a life of ease and reflection at home because they had already had many grand journeys and won many small skirmishes. Was it time for retreat? Was it time for ease and retirement from the seas? In your memory should be a time when you first experienced the joy of the Lord. You have seen victories in many areas of your life, but is that all God has for you? Is it time to retire? Is it time to slip on back home?

That day not one sailor ran from the shores to the comfort of the one departing way out. They all abandoned retreat, stopped looking at the burning ships, and one by one marched on to do the task before them.

Today Christ charges you to burn all the ships that are calling you to abandon his call on your life. He is challenging you to walk away from the easy way out of serving God. Today is your day to spiritually let the ships burn and let the ship of comfort and the easy way out sail away from your midst. Begin your new journey of faith in Christ today.

Daily Prayer Focus:  Pray for strength, boldness, and courage as you set out to burn the ships behind you, and press on with full zeal to do His Kingdom Work!

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