Monday, September 26, 2016

Set Your Focus For The Future

Set Your Focus For The Future by Keith Cook

Today I would like to give you a simple little exercise that can help you "consider your future" and begin to look at God's vision for your time on earth. God wants us to all march boldly into our future. He wants us to storm the gates of hell and have signs and wonders following all who believe.

I want to send you a simple little tool that we have developed to help you prepare for your future. I will gladly send it to you if you write or email us today. Ask for the "Set Your Focus" booklet. Please use this exercise to find and focus on single words that represent your hopes or observations for each of the following areas of your life or important people in your life.

These are in no way "magic" words or even "divine" observations. They are simply words that represent your honest attempt to focus on your family, friends, life, career and ministry. God can and may use these words to remind you and help you pray and trust God in these areas.

Think and pray about what you write down and then focus on these single words and what they represent for that person or situation.

You may want to work through this exercise monthly or quarterly. Some find it necessary to go over this every year. The main thing is to give God an opportunity to inspire and direct you in these areas.

Try to fill in each applicable area and come back to these words as often as the Lord directs. You will be amazed at how simple it is to complete this exercise and what a blessing you will receive in giving this a special effort.

Reminder: Write in each word that you think of that relates to each area listed in the next section.

Take the time to use this exercise to:

1. Find out who you are - So you can have Peace in your natural man.

2. Know what you believe - So you will feel Secure in your spiritual man.

3. Know where you're going - So you will feel Confident for your Future.

4. Bring others with you - So you will be Used to bring others with you to Heaven.

Daily Prayer Focus: Please do this exercise some time this weekend. I will be praying that you will.

I know this is different but I know this will help you focus on God's will for your life. Email, call or write me with your results. I will pray for you and would love to encourage you in your focus and ministries.

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