Monday, October 24, 2016

Rejoice To See

Rejoice To See by Keith Cook

"Abraham rejoiced to see My day, and he saw it and was glad." John 8:56

The Big Picture - God wants us to join Him in looking at our world through His eyes. We need to see the "big picture" of what He is doing around the world. It is so easy to just focus on what He is doing in our neighborhoods. There is a grand scene. In Christ we can be a vital part of reaching out around the world. "Now" is a very strategic time. Right now is always better than tomorrow. Living in the here and now prepares you for a productive tomorrow and produces lasting results. If we waste the present we will rob ourselves of fruitful results in the future.

Great Progress - By faith Abraham rejoiced to see what God was going to do "in Christ". We are able to rejoice at what He has done! Through Christ we can see God's redemptive hand working down through the ages. There has always been a remnant of faithful believers who have stood up for Christ and who have been used in missions and evangelism. What great progress we have seen through godly men and women.

As I look around my office I can see portraits that I have collected of great men and women of valor and courage. Faithful servants like Billy Graham, C.H. Spurgeon, D.L. Moody, Billy Sunday, Luis Palau, George Whitfield, Corrie ten Boom, Loren Cunningham, Bertha Smith, John Wesley, Leighton Ford, and many more.

My bookcase is filled with faith stories from men and women from yesterday who have been used of God. Saints like C.T. Studd, Norman Grubb, Manley Beasley, Watchman Nee, Reese Howells, Praying Hyde, Hudson Taylor, George Mueller, and C.S. Lewis.

As I reflect on the great progress made for the cause of Christ in the past my heart rejoices at the progress being made today by gifted modern day evangelists.  My son, Keith Jr. is blazing a new and exciting trail of his own as an evangelist to this generation. He is a modern day Paul, ready to defend Christianity and the cause of Christ in the public arena. He sings songs that speak to this generation and writes music and words that reflect wisdom way beyond his years. He has been with Jesus. He is not ashamed to sing and minister boldly for Christ.

Recently, Joan, and I met a dear evangelist friend Shad Williams, and his wife Shelia, just before they were to board a plane for Europe and Africa. They were off to share the message of Jesus to the masses. His motto is "We Go To Them". As I listened to his burden for his project I got so excited that I wanted to jump in his car and follow him to the airport. I was rejoicing to see what he had already seen going on in Heaven. God had spoken to his heart and given him faith to believe Him for great things and expect great things. God would not let him down. While on his project he saw thousands come to saving faith in Christ.

God is doing so much around the world and around our neighborhoods. Look at the big picture, see the progress, rejoice and be glad for and in it!

Daily Prayer Focus: Pray that God will allow you to see the Big Picture. Pray that you might be obedient and available to all that He would have you to do for Him today.

On The Go Prayer Focus: The Families of the On The Go staff. Pray for their emotions, finances, safety, wisdom, and spiritual health.

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