Sunday, January 29, 2017

Hid In Christ

Hid In Christ by Keith Cook

"Your life is hid with Christ in God" Colossians 3:3

Several years ago I was conducting crusades in a far away place. The area of the world that I was serving in was very unstable. Each night I would come back to my lodging with fear and trembling. Danger was all around.

During the day I would hear the people downstairs talking about my being at their hotel. I knew that I was in a very vulnerable situation. Each day there would be violent demonstrations outside my window by people who thought I was a "devil" for bringing Christianity to their area.

One night as I stood alone, great fear came over me. I cried out to God. "Why am I so afraid? Why can I not get victory over this fear?"  That moment Jesus spoke to my heart. He said, "I know where you are. I know why you are here. I am with you."

Once I heard Him speak to my heart, I was fine and I could rest. That night I literally felt the Holy Spirit rocking me to sleep. In Christ I had won victory. I knew I was "hid in Him".

If you are "Hid in Christ" you can count on the following:

1. Your hope is connected to the fact that Jesus is the Christ. Jesus really is the Son of God. He really is the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies and He is the Messiah. From the Garden of Eden, God has provided a future hope and now a present atonement in His Son Jesus.

2. Your past is forgiven by the awesome sacrifice Christ made for you on the cross. When Jesus died on the cross He died not just for the sins of the world, but also for you personally. He took upon Himself all your sins and He also took the penalty for those sins. When you are "Hid In Christ" your past sins are forgiven.

3. Your future is secured by the victory Christ won over death, hell, and the grave. When Jesus, the Christ, arose from the dead He proved He was the Messiah. He proved He was sent from God the Father. He proved He had all power. The natural and supernatural realm was subject to Him. When you rely and trust in Him your future is as secure as His future.

4. Your present situation and position is maintained by the power of the sent One. When Jesus was leaving this earth for heaven, He assured all His followers that they would receive power when the Holy Spirit was to come upon them. Once you come to Christ He sends you a marvelous gift, the Holy Spirit. Do not fear God's Spirit living in you. He is to be your guide, power, and comfort.  He even helps you when you do not know what you need or want. Be filled with the Holy Spirit and let Him direct your daily walk.

5. Your security is built on His Faithfulness, not your Faith. Trust Jesus not your education!  Rely not on your wealth. Do not depend on your work, nor your quest for fame, as your security. It is not your faith that keeps you in the faith, it is His faithfulness. It is not your faith that gets you God's attention, it is His faithfulness to you that gets you into the presence of God. Trusting in God and living by faith really means you are not looking to your ability but depending on His.

Today is the right day to find yourself hidden in Christ. It is the safest place to be this side of eternity.

Daily Prayer Focus: Pray that God will grant you peace, contentment, faith, and blessings as you seek to rest and be hidden in Him.

On The Go Prayer Focus: The Safety In Travel for each On The Go staffer and GoTeam volunteer.

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