Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Briskets and Blessings

Briskets and Blessings by Keith Cook

"Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. For by it the men of old gained approval." Hebrews 11:1, 2

Just recently we were called to do a mighty festival in India. We were asking God for thousands of souls to be saved in a Hindu stronghold. God desired for us to go, we had invitations to go, and we wanted to go! All we lacked was the resources to go.

As time for our departure neared we still had a tremendous financial need. We prayed, read the Word, and sought spiritual advice from Godly men and women. They all encouraged us to press on and trust God and not shrink back in what God had given us to do. We were needing just at $15,000 dollars to pay for all the supplies, tickets, materials. God had promised Joan and I that we would not owe one cent when the project was over and that He would provide our every need.

One morning when Joan came back from the post office she came in rejoicing with over 10,000 in gifts that we had received to use in India. What a great faith builder that was - we only lacked $5,000. What a walk of faith - we knew everyone who normally gives had given and we still lacked this great amount. Everyday something came in for our project but we were running out of days. Finally we had arrived at departure day with over $2,000 still needed.

In prayer that day the Lord spoke to my heart to follow Him, just like I did as a young minister. To get on the plane trusting Him to provide. He wanted me to take off from this country and see the hand of God at work even when I could not. God wanted me to believe Him and not let my not seeing the provision stop me from walking in my God's provision. Even when I could not see it I could believe Him for it! He wanted me to look at the needs of the people in India more than my need. He wanted me to look to Him more than I looked to my board or mailing list! I had to rest in Christ - I had to be seated in the Heavenly places.

My part was to preach Jesus and not worry about the funds. God's part was to energize my words, and provide for my needs.

Everyday we received emails from my office telling us what had come in during the day to help with finances. The Lord sent in some funds to keep the ministry running in the United States but not the remaining $2,000 we needed. Still we were to trust Him.

Unknown to us a little lady in Texas, who Joan and I had eaten Beef Brisket in her home during a revival and who had taught me how to make/grill Brisket, was moved by God to send us a gift earmarked for India. We had all the money we needed to the penny, but we did not know it - but God did!

We preached, ministered, cared, shared, and taught until the day we were to depart. Still not knowing we had the funds. On our way home we stopped in Paris, France to change planes. While there we checked our emails from the office and received the news of God's provision. God had been true to His Word. We had heard from God and we had seen a great spiritual victory.

Let me encourage you to strike out by faith and trust God to do great and mighty things in and through your life.

Daily Prayer Focus: Ask God to show you areas in your life where you need to step out in faith and trust Him to do great and mighty things. Praise Him for His Blessings and Provisions.

On The Go Prayer Focus: The follow-up of inquirers who come publicly and make decisions for Christ, write in for materials to grow in Christ, or who visit our website looking for help in following Christ. Pray for local believers, churches, parents, and friends who all will be used of God to nurture each and every one to maturity in Christ.

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