Thursday, March 16, 2017

Not Of This World

Not Of This World - By Keith and Joan Cook

"They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world." John 17:16

Our ministry team is fortunate in that we are around hundreds of young people throughout the year on mission projects in the United States and overseas. Young people seem to keep us all a little younger by their vivaciousness and enthusiasm.  Their energy rubs off on all those around them.

The Bible tells us that adults are not to look down on their youthfulness. In righteousness, purity, and love they (youth) are to show themselves an example for others to follow. Wow! Young people today are setting an example for others to follow. Whether it be a good example or a bad one, they are setting some kind of an example to those around them. God would have all youth and adults to not be of this world nor to act and react of this world. We are to live, function, and express ourselves differently. How?

If you are young and full of energy decide today to be that great example of what a Christian youth should act like.

Youthful Christian:

Be An Example

Set The Course For Others To Follow

Use Your Zeal To Do Good Things For God

Stay Focused On What God Has For You

If you find yourself in the ripe old age of adulthood or even old age decide today to help encourage the youth around you to be all they can be for Christ. Through their love, purity, and righteousness they can be such an incredible witness for Jesus Christ to all those around them!  Today's youth have so much to offer! Let's encourage them to raise their banner high and live for the Lord!

Adult Christian:

Encourage All You Inspire To Live For Jesus 24/7

Live For Him In All You Do

Mentor For The Master

Don't Look Down Or Make Fun Of Youth Who Are Trying To Trust God For Their Generation

Leave Behind A Legacy Of Compassion, Inspiration, And Encouragement

Today, young or old, live not of this world but on the highest level. Live by God's standards not the world's. You can still make a difference in these unique times you now find yourself in.  Live For Heaven's sake!

Prayer Focus: Pray for the courage to say no to the world and yes to the Lord Jesus in all you do today. God bless you as you let Jesus be king.

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