Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Big Question - Why?

The Big Question - Why? by Keith Cook

"And He said to them. Why is it that you were looking for Me? Did you not know that I had to be in My Father's house?"  Luke 2:49

Do you know what the Bible records as Jesus' first spoken word? You would think it would be something inspiring or theologically deep. Actually, the first word spoken by young Jesus was the simple word - "Why". Jesus used a word that verbalizes the question so many of us often ask. Why? He was asking His parents why they were so troubled with Him? Life is full of questions with seemingly very few quality answers.

Here are some questions we may be asking.

Why should I or why didn't you?

Maybe even - why not?

These are all valid questions that may be running through your mind right now. Let's look at each of these questions in regard to our Christian service.

A common question is why should I, or why should anyone, spend time and effort to minister cross culturally and evangelistically? Some say, you can serve God at home just as well as on a project. But truthfully, they rarely do! The reason you should serve God with your whole heart is because He served you at the Cross and followed through with His resurrection. We should endure whatever it takes to go the extra mile for Christ sake; after all, He went all the way for us!

Another question one may ask is why didn't you? We can always look around and ask ourselves why someone didn't serve us better or treat us kinder or even appreciate us as highly as another. This is a terrible trap to fall into. Jesus could have left us all high and dry at the Cross. What if Jesus had said, they should have known better than to treat me this way? What if Jesus had repaid the Jews and Romans for their treachery toward Him? He could have come down from the Cross and refused to suffer for such unappreciative people. But He did not look to others in order to serve His Father. He looked to His God given mission and call in life.

Another question that may arise is why not? Why not relax and take it easy and let someone else do all the work? Why not stop a little early and maybe even stay in and rest? We all know that this is not a true disciple's attitude. We must ask ourselves why not climb one more mountain or leap over one more wall? God may be asking the same question...Yes, my child, why not?

Personal Prayer Focus: Lord Jesus, thank you for not asking why when your Father sent you to die on the cross for me.

On The Go Prayer Focus: All the Ministry Partners, Missions, Missionaries that On The Go ministers with. It takes team work to make the dream of reaching the world a reality.
Pray for safety for Keith and Joan and each participant with the Amplify Conference as they travel home from Chicago, Illinois.

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