Friday, October 13, 2017


GOD WANTS YOU by Keith Cook

You can make a difference

"As my Father hath sent me," Jesus said, "even so send I you." John 20:21

You will make a difference and you will see results if you are a God called evangelist and you go at God's time.

My first evangelistic trip to India was very remarkable. I had prayed one night that God would lead me to our next project overseas and India kept coming to my mind. Within days an invitation was received. A local pastor confirmed to us that he too had heard God calling him to covenant with us about the trip.

We believed we had a word from God to go to India. We believed we were prepared to go spiritually, and we had a desire to go. We knew that the need to go was obvious and all we lacked was the finances to go.

We kept on trusting in God for our resources right up until there was only two weeks left before we were to go. My assistant informed me that God had told him to stay at home. One man asked me how I was going to go to India. I told him God would send me. He had told me I would not go because I had no money and needed to stay home and work for a living and earn an honest wage for an honest days work.

When my assistant told me that he was not going I knew this was God's will because there was really nothing for him to do except travel with me.

But when the man told me I would not go because I was trusting God to provide and not working for the money, something very spiritual happened. God spoke to my heart and said "I have called you and this is My timing. I know you have no money and I know you have no way to get any. Trust Me and don't send out any requests for help."

When God told me that, I stopped trying to raise any more funds. I went into a trust mode. Within days I received all the needed funds for my airfare, lodging, food, and crusade expenses from an anonymous donor. Never had that happened before and never has it happened since, but it was God's time for me to go and for Him to show His glory in my situation.

On that Crusade I saw more decisions than any meeting I had ever had. I also personally grew more in love with Christ because I was alone with God. His time is never late or early but always at the appointed time.

Daily Prayer Focus: Pray that you will make a difference this week GOing at God's time.

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