Thursday, March 8, 2018

Fit For Life

Fit For Life by Joan Cook

"Bodily fitness has limited value, but spiritual fitness is of unlimited value, for it holds promise both for this present life and for the life to come." 1 Timothy 4:8

News Event: On The Go - Israel GoTeam Outreach March 8-18, 2018. On The Go is partnering with LifeLight Global and Luis Palau's Next Generation Alliance Team to minister in Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and Jericho. We will be working with together many area churches, schools, and communities. We are excited that God has opened the door for our united team to do some amazing ministry.

Recently, I started a new exercise program because I want to become FIT!  That's sounds like most people in the world today.  If you look at the magazines next to the checkout counter the next time you are standing in the long grocery line, you will see that most of them are about becoming fit or staying fit.  Why is it so hard for us to do? Maybe because it involves discipline!  This is a word that I am not fond of, yet I know without it I can't accomplish my goal to become physically fit!

What about our spiritual fitness?  Do we exercise daily by reading God's word and spending quality time with Him in prayer?  We can't expect to gain strength in our life without making these things a priority. As Christians, we must grow in the things of God in order to be an effective witness.  It takes discipline to set the time aside each day for prayer and study, but oh how spiritually fit you will become!

Like physical exercise demands discipline, the same is true of our spiritual exercise!  Can you do it?  Of course you can!  The Bible tells us that we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength.  Be committed today to becoming FIT!

Daily Prayer Focus: Pray that God will enable you to be Fit to Serve. Pray that He will strengthen you both physically and spiritually so that you may be equipped to serve.

On The Go Prayer Focus: On The Go's "Adopt An Evangelist" program. This program provides funding and support for various missions and evangelists around the world. This week Keith and Joan, Matt Kearney, Zach Blickens, and fellow NGA Evangelists will be ministering to churches and evangelists in the Holy Land. Pray for our team as we serve that God will give us Boldness and Discernment and that believers will be encouraged in their Christian walk.

Also, pray for Keith and Joan today as they celebrate their wedding anniversary!

Thank you for taking the time to pray for this important division of On The Go Ministries. For more information on any our ministries here at On The Go, you may send your questions to

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