Thursday, October 11, 2018

I Want To Go There!

I Want To Go There! by Keith Cook

"But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." Matthew 6:33

When my son was little we would play a game where we would keep up with all the cars that we passed by trying to see how many different states they were from. We often would have sighted license plates from all over the United States by the time we arrived at some of our locations.

It is easier to see many different licenses when you travel to a heavily populated place like Orlando, Florida, as opposed to traveling across Kansas. Going to see Mickey Mouse always provided many hours of great fun. While driving for hours through wheat fields usually produced snores from the back seat. There were not very many tourists out on the plains until we would get near Wall Drug and Mount Rushmore.

I always loved seeing Wyoming's plates because they had a rodeo rider on them. Joan would always be looking for Mississippi because there is no place like home for her. Keith Jr always was looking for Hawaii and never seemed to find it!

Whenever we would be driving down the road and see a neat looking license plate, Keith Jr. would say, "Dad, I want to go there some time!"  When you are young you want to do everything, go everywhere, be everything.

Let me ask you a question - Where do you want to go in life?

There are many places we all don't want to go:

Loneliville - Jesus said He came to give you life, real life, more abundantly than you have or could ever have without Him. Many people can be lonely and unfulfilled even in the midst of great activity. Jesus is the answer for loneliness.

Painville - We all avoid pain but it usually catches up to everyone eventually. There is the pain of failure, pain of regrets, pain of loss, pain of tragedy and injustice. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit for believers to be a comforter. He is able to comfort even when we do not know what is going on or where to go. Allow the Holy Spirit to be with you in your times of pain.

Fruitlessville - Many Christians know they are secure in Christ but they waste opportunities that God gives them to make a real difference for the Kingdom of Christ. By giving to Christian missions, doing local and international mission projects, being faithful to a local church, growing in the disciplines of the faith, and sharing one's testimony and the good news every believer will have great fruit as a believer and their fruit will remain.

Emptinessville - Living a life as if there was no God leads to an unfulfilled and empty life. Running out of life before allowing God any say in your life is such a waste. The countless amusements in the world and the endless number of television channels will not take the place of plain old-fashioned peace with God. When Jesus allows the Holy Spirit to fill you, you will overflow with joy, peace, happiness, contentment, purpose, power, and faith. What are you waiting for?

Valley of The Shadow - If you have to visit the valley of the shadow of death do not fear, Jesus will be with you.

Some places to consider visiting on your journey through life.

One Way Parkway - When you start your life you are taken care of by your parents. They make every decision for you. But once you reach the age of accountability you begin to make decisions on your own. Your bad actions are held against you. By your actions you are judged, rated, ranked, rewarded, fired, and blessed.

In order to become a Christian and be all God wants you to be you must walk down God's one-way street to the Cross of Jesus. Jesus died on the cross for you and wants you to admit you can not make it without God's help, believe in Jesus as your Savior, and ask Him to rule and direct your every step. Once you get on the right road Jesus actually will direct, steer, and drive your life if you will let Him.

Rightville - Knowing what is right and doing it is a virtue to visit every day in every way. Always allow the Holy Spirit to direct every area of your life.

Restoration City - Keeping a right relation with everyone is a must in life. Run from prejudice, anger, pride, bitterness, and unforgiveness.

Green Pastures - Growing in Christ means you will have a productive and happy life. Just like and animal grows by eating green grass, Christians grow by feeding on God's Word. The Bible should be your main health food. It should be devoured and feasted on if you want to live in Green Pastures.

Eternity Springs - Living forever in Heaven when you die is your final destination. Once you are in Christ your final destination is assured.

As Christians, we must give account of our actions, reactions, words, and how we use the gifts God has blessed us with. Choose today to follow God's path and walk in obedience to His plan.

Daily Prayer: Pray for guidance, direction, and sensitivity as you seek to put God first and choose to follow His plan for your life.

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