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Is There A Pounding On The Door

Is There A Pounding On The Door by Keith Cook Sr.

"Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith without the deeds of the law." Romans 3:28

"Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ" Romans  5:1

October 31 is traditionally seen as Reformation Day all across the Christian world. This day is a day to remember what Martin Luther did long ago to stir the church to re-examine the real nature of faith and the real place of the church in the lives of believers.

You might say that the organized church, the church visible, was "born again" that day.

One of the reasons the church had to be reborn was brought to the attention of Luther ironically due to the building of a church that was being built to honor Peter. The very man  who's statement that Christ was truly the Son of God would lead to the building of His real church, the church invisible, and that this - spiritual - universal - eternal - church would never be defeated.

"And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."  Matthew 16:18

Back in 1517 the church had lost its way. To raise funds for completing St. Peter's Basilica in Rome many clergy told their congregants that in order to have their sins forgiven, and those of their relatives, they had to give money to the church. When the people gave  they would receive written "pardons" or writs of indulgences that basically said they were now forgiven of their sins and would go to Heaven when they died.

As the world tried to slip deceptively into the church through the side door - God was getting ready to do something at the front door.

Luther was a professor at the University of Wittenberg, Germany and began to actually read the Bible. He was fascinated by the New Testament. His studies and attention was often drawn to the Book of Romans. As the Spirit was being quenched on the altar of expedience by the religious leaders of the day, God was moving in Luther's heart.

On October 31, 1517 Martin Luther posted a ninety-five point theses on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg. This posting was actually a declaration of his intent to debate the theological merits of indulgences. Luther had been led by the Holy Spirit in his study, in his heart, and during his worship and prayer that man was justified by faith alone, and that every man was a priest before God. This theological insight of justification by faith and the priesthood of all believers, while foreign to the thoughts of the day, were actually the foundational truth of the New Testament.  He knew that the church was not following the Bible and that it needed to be reformed to what God intended it to be.

His pounding on the door of that church resulted in more than he bargained for. He only wanted to warn the church, and clean up their theology. He did not know that God was going to plant the seeds in him and move him to do the deeds that would result in a massive refocusing of the church back to the Word of God. He used Martin Luther to teach and champion theology and practice that was based on that word and not the traditions of man or the church.

Many of the great reforms that came out of the Reformation are the very same doctrines and practices that the Christian church needs to be reminded of afresh and anew today.  There needs to be a great pounding on the doors of our modern church that causes all to awaken from slumber and re-emerge as a movement, a people, a church, that is alive and moving under the direction of the Holy Spirit to the glory of God and for the purposes of Christ.

There are 5 Latin phrases that make up what is called the "Solas". These five Solas were the rallying cry of the reformers. They put up with scorn, ridicule, torture, massive peer pressure, economic hardships, rejection, excommunication, and many gave their lives to bring the church back to a true Biblical foundation.

The Solas -  "By Scripture alone (only), by grace alone (only), by Christ alone (only), by faith alone (only), and to God be the glory alone (only)!"

1. Sola scriptura "by Scripture alone"

Like during the reformation days of Luther you too are to live by Scripture alone. There is no other authority, book, or teaching that should direct your lives other than the Word of God.

2. Sola fide "by faith alone"

You are made right (justified) by faith alone. While faith yields good works, these works do not make you right with God. Baptism, communion, membership, the church, priests, no external or internal force or factor brings about salvation.

3. Sola gratia  "by grace alone"

It is by God's grace alone that you can be saved. It is "unmerited favor" with God by way of Jesus shed blood on Calvary that brings about your eternal security. It is God's gift to you, that is not earned by works or precepts.

4. Solo Christo "through Christ alone"

Jesus is the only mediator you need between you and God. Priests, saints, angels, ministers, teachers, may all be important to you, your church life and your personal ministry, but do not and should not, be allowed to come between you and your relationship with God.

5. Soli Deo gloria "glory to God alone"

You and I are not worthy of any glory or praise. Jesus did it all - He came - lived - died - rose again. He paid the price, submitted his life, and made the ultimate sacrifice to bring sanctification to everyone. You are called a saint because of what He has done for you and because of what He will do through you. You are holy only due to the power of the Holy Spirit living in your life.  You are to not praise mankind, but praise the Lord who is the author and perfecter of your faith.

Is God Pounding On The Door Again?

Right now - I pray that the Holy Spirit is pounding on the door of your heart, mind, and spirit His theses. There will probably be more than 95 things He will direct you to examine and hand over to His leadership and direction. God wants you to live a reformers life and have a reformation mindset. God will use you to share the Good News, teach the Word of the Lord, and to minister as a passionate servant leaders in these strategic days.

What can you do?

1.  Like Luther - get in the Word of God - read it yourself! Do not let others interpret the Word for you. Let the Holy Spirit guide you.

2.  Know what you believe and be convinced of it - Study the Word and never stop learning! It may sound illogical, but by your committing to never stop reading, sharing, asking, discussing,  or questioning God's Word actually guarantees you that you will become convinced of what is really true.

3.  Take the time to pray, praise, worship, and relax with your Creator. The spiritual disciplines are not for a season but for all seasons of life. God brings wisdom and clarity as you mature. While the eyes may fade with time - the mysteries of God get clearer as you spend more time with Him. Luther said that there were two things that helped him fight, "Theology and Music"!  When you know what you believe you have the courage to fight for God but when you have His song on your heart you have the will to fight no matter what may come.

4. Do not be afraid to stand alone - even if culture, the religious, family, friends, or foes all rise up against God's principles and Word, you must stand with Him. You may be called on to do some pounding on the doors of many cultural sacred cows and before some intellectual giants, but God will be with you. His Holy Spirit will illuminate and direct you.

5. Always do what you know to do - no matter if there is praise or perils. Doing what God puts before you to do is key to seeing mighty moves of God all around you. It may seem small or insignificant but so was nailing a paper to a church door!

Get out your hammer and get ready. Take out your pin and prepare to write. Take out your Bible and begin to study.

Is that a pounding I hear at the door?

(I wrote this for my son, Keith Cook Jr. He is such an inspiration to me. He has a passion for Christ that amazes me. He is not living off his dad's faith - He is living with the same faith. He has his own unique personal Sola experience - but I see the same Word, Faith, Grace, Christ, and desire to give God the Glory. As Christ pounded on my heart and wrote on my heart what I was to champion - so is He writing on His. )

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