Tuesday, February 4, 2020

I Want

I Want by Joan Cook

"Take firm hold of instruction, do not let go." Proverbs 4:13

When my son, Keith Jr., was a toddler he was a pretty good child. He did not go through the terrible two's like some kids that I know. He waited until he was three and had built up a little extra trouble inside, then he threw it on us.

I remember one day in particular, the family had gone to the mall for a quick stop on the way to an event. We had let Keith Jr. know that we would not have time to go into the toy store on this particular visit. Upon entering the mall, his dad had taken hold of one hand and I the other. We were on a mission to find our desired purchase and head out the door as soon as possible!

We were about half way down the mall when Keith Jr. spotted the toy store and began to plead to go in. We once again said " No, not tonight". For the first time in his little life, he sat on the ground and began to kick his legs and pitch an unholy fit. In his three year old mind, he thought this tactic would assure him a visit to the toy store.

Instead of giving in to quiet him down, his dad and I proceeded to drop his hands and walk away; leaving him screaming in the middle of the mall. We'd only taken a couple of steps when he jumped up and began running after us crying! He realized that he was not going to get his way so he had better jump up and do it his parents way! (By the way, he never did that again!)

Are you like a three year old at times in your relationship with the Lord? You may read His word, clearly understand His instructions, and know from the start what is required of you, yet you try to manipulate God into letting you have your own way. I've done it many times, I'm ashamed to say. "Lord, you know we need a new car. This one is falling apart. I know what your word says about going into debt, but you see how important this is, right? Are you telling me, Lord, that you want me to drive an old, beaten up car when I can easily go out and purchase a new one?"

As my brother once told me when we were young, "Start acting your age, not your shoe size." I'm afraid that at times, God wants to drop our hands and leave us pitching a fit, and sometimes that's exactly what He does. Sometimes it takes a while for us to realize that His way is the best way!

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On The Go Daily Devotion for February 4, 2020
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