Monday, July 30, 2012

Not Over Stuff

Not Over Stuff by Keith Cook Sr.

"Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice!" Philippians 4:4

Recently my wife and I were hit with several financial and personal setbacks in a row. And to make matters worse - right in the middle of severe pain and need - our car, while I was on a mission trip, threw a rod and the motor was completely ruined. The mechanic said the car was essentially totaled.

We were dumbfounded as to what was going on and why God had seemed to abandon us. We were in the work of the Lord, striving to follow the Master but the bottom was falling out from under us.

Right in the middle of our greatest pain God took me to His Word - words that I had stored in my heart - and out from my lips came, "We must rejoice in the Lord always!" The words were a hard pill to swallow. Both Joan and I wanted to scream, snarl, and break something but what came out of my mouth and into our lives was to rejoice and praise our Lord. After a time of prayer, Joan went on her way.

Within a short time I received a phone call from her and she told me that God had shown her that it is His will that we not stress out and worry over Stuff. She said "I am not going to get sad or mad over Stuff."

We have so much, each of us, to praise God for. We have our faith. We have our family. We have our fellow believers and friends.  God has seeded into each of our lives an abundance of treasures and bounty to live off of when things get tough or lean.

You can ponder and be concerned over many things but God does not want us to panic over the troubles of life.  He wants us to see our blessings and rejoice in Him. When we do - we soon will see the deliverance of the Lord and the victory and rewards that come from obeying and following Him.

Daily Prayer Focus: Praise God for His Blessings and choose to Rejoice in Him.

On The Go Prayer Focus: The Finances of Team as they boldly go out for Jesus Christ. Pray that all their needs will be met at home and for the projects they are working on.

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