Friday, December 14, 2012

The Party

The Party by Joan Cook

1 Kings 1:8-10, 26, 32

When King David was very old in age, his son Adonijah decided he would proclaim himself to be King. In order to make this happen, he had to have the help of many influential people in David's kingdom that had been loyal to him. However, Adonijah was not following the Lord, but acted upon his own desire.

Adonijah decided he would throw a huge party and invite everyone who was anyone to this event and they would declare him king. But, he failed to invite the four most dedicated and Godly men of the time knowing they would not go along with his plan, since it was not of God.

Adonijah and his guests were eating and having a great time of celebration, until word came that King David had declared Solomon King! Those who were faithful and loyal to King David were recognized and placed in even greater areas of leadership and authority under Solomon's reign. God blessed them because of their faithfulness!

This time of the year is a time to celebrate! Like Adonijah, many people are celebrating for the wrong reasons. They might be having a grand party with many guests, but are putting themselves in compromising situations and possibly making unwise decisions that are affecting their lives and their witness. Maybe you have not been invited and are feeling a bit down because you feel left out!  But what a great honor to know that you are left out and not invited to a party because the host knows you won't go along with the things that will be happening or because your Godly influence is not wanted at the party! That should make you feel GREAT!

As Christians, we are called to walk not according to what the world thinks, but like Christ! Be encouraged if you have not been invited to a party this season that everyone is attending, yet you know will not please the Lord. How much more should we want the favor of God on our lives than the acceptance of man! He will bless you as you follow Him!

Daily Prayer Focus: Pray that you can walk for Jesus everyday. Abandon the world and embrace the Lord's path for your life.

On The Go Prayer Focus: This Saturday, December 15, as part of our GoCare division, we will be distributing toys, Christmas gifts, and much more to those in need in Inner City Nashville. Pray for this outreach event that God will continue to provide the necessary items to make this a success, and many volunteers to help reach out to those in need.

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