Thursday, July 21, 2016

NoMission or GoMission

NoMission or GoMission by Keith Cook Sr.

"Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord." 1 Corinthians 15:58

We saw hundreds of people come to know Christ recently in Uganda. Our team was made up of Ugandan and United States evangelists who each shared a passion to be on God's GoMission together in Uganda. God used each one in a special way and we all worked as one.

Our driver for the week was a full time Ugandan evangelist. He had a powerful delivery style and creative mind. He and I have had such fun talking about our calling and encouraging each other to continue till everyone has been reached for our Lord.

During one of our school assemblies I found out that one of our team members had gone to school there as a child. So I called on her to close out our assembly with a personal challenge. She is a dancer by calling but very shy when she speaks, but not on that day. She boldly called out to the students their need to follow Christ and give Him all their lives. We saw a tremendous response that day. God used us the team in a mighty way to take His message to the youth of this generation.

There are basically just two approaches that believers can have concerning the call God has or has not put on their lives; they either believe they have a "NoMission" approach or are strategically a part of a very important "GoMission."

Those on a NoMission:

1. Feel Unqualified - They do not see how God could ever use them.

2. Feel Unprepared - They waste time on the cares of the world and spend little time learning how to be effective ministers of the Gospel.

3. Feel Unproductive - They rarely see God use their words and actions to inspire others to come to faith in Christ or follow Him more passionately.

4. Feel Uninspired - They do not have a burden to reach the lost or take the message to those who do not know Christ.

Those on a GoMission:

1. They know they have been Picked Divinely By God and therefore qualified and directed by the Holy Spirit to be on Mission for God.

2. They are Purpose Driven Disciples who are constantly preparing to minister, ever ready, ever longing to share and be used, ever looking for an opening to speak a word for Christ. They try, practice, and fine-tune their methods and message to be ready in every way.

3. They are Progressively Effective Evangelists and see God using them in many different ways to bring  life change.

4. They are Passionate About Their GoMission and want to see everyone falling in love with the Messiah. They are inspired by the Master and by the massive needs they see. No mountain is to high to climb and no valley too deep to traverse. They are on a GoMission with God.

Right now there is an unequalled opportunity to do the work of the Lord across the street and around the world.  Don't be overwhelmed and work in the flesh. Rather join with God and go on mission with Him.

Don't forget that it really is His mission and you are His servant. In the past He used someone to bring His message to you and now it is time for you to do the same.  Since God has called you and daily cares for you, He will also use you to multiply the Gospel around the world. Are you willing to join with Him on your own special "GoMission?"

Daily Prayer Focus:  Pray that God will enable you today to fulfill His Call and walk in step with His will, prepare you to be Purpose Driven, Effective Evangelist, and Passionate about the GoMission He has for you to fulfill.

On The Go Prayer Focus: Those who need to make decisions for Christ as On The Go and the Keith Cook Team shares the Gospel around the world. Pray that they will hear a clear message about Christ, that the Holy Spirit will move them to a point of decision and that they will be bold enough to publicly respond for Christ. Pray for our On The Go Team as they minister this week in Montana.  They will be ministering in local churches, communities, parks, schools, and more! Pray for those who hear the Gospel message, that they will make a Decision for Christ.

Thank you for taking the time to pray for this important division of On The Go Ministries. For more information on any our ministries here at On The Go, you may send your questions to

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