Saturday, July 23, 2016

"There Shall Be A Performance"

"There Shall Be A Performance" by Keith Cook Sr.

"And blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord." Luke 1:45

In your life today God is wanting to be the director, producer, and only sponsor. He eagerly desires to play these key roles in the development of your life script.

If it is your desire to invite God to take over the production of your life performance there are several key points to understand.

First must come the Presence of the Lord.

This is where you get insight, fellowship, and relationship. He will speak. Will you listen?

Then comes Belief.

Believing and trusting Gods word, precepts and instructions secure an automatic guarantee of spiritual success.

Believing God always comes after being in His presence. You can not help but rely and trust what He says.

Why some do not believe God:

1. They never hear - Satan, self, and situations scream so loudly that people allow them to shut off the normal ways God speaks to us: prayer, study, reflection, being still, relaxing, in fellowship, through peers, or through the Spirit.

2.  They never listen - their lives are too cluttered and busy. They fail to spend time or make time to listen to what God has to say. Daily life, work, family, internet, facebook, twitter, hobbies, television, texting, and more crowds out the opportunity to listen and hear from God.

3.  They never wait - they get anxious and often run ahead of God and react in the flesh, panic and make a bad decision, or completely miss God's best for them by making a soulish and carnal decision.

4. They never get outside their own needs and wants - being selfish robs you of the joy of the Lord and often the key insights and help you need to make wise and prudent decisions under Christ.

5.  They never submit to Gods authority and word - this is the most basic definition of a sinner. Yes this is sin and sin still has its penalty.

Having the presence of God and faith that believes God then will lead to the performance that is so badly needed.

Performance means:
God's will getting done
God's power being demonstrated
God getting the glory
God's vessel being strengthened

There will be a performance!
You can count on God
You will see His will being done
You will be amazed

Join in Gods concert!
His performance is only for the Sold Out.
His performance will last forever!
Encore guaranteed.

Daily Prayer Focus: Pray that God's will is done, God's power is demonstrated, God is Glorified, and that you are strengthened today in your walk with God! Acknowledge His Presence.

On The Go Prayer Focus: Boldness, wisdom, and discernment for our Montana GoTeam as they encounter witnessing opportunities through the GoKids Clubs, Door to Door Evangelism, Prayer Walking, Local Churches, and Community Events.

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On The Go Daily Devotion For July 23, 2016
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