Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Vote by Keith Cook

The year was 1976 and I was going to vote for the first time for the President of the United States. I was so excited! The choice seemed easy to me. One man was running for office who claimed to be a "Born Again" believer. I would vote for him. So I did. Wow was I in for a shock. While the man was an obvious Christian, he was in my young mind not very capable of running the country. I quickly found out that there are Christians who do not let Christ direct their policy but their party instead.

The year was 1980. I cried all the way to vote. I was going to vote for another man who was running against my 1976 Christian candidate. I hated voting against such a good man. I was not as impressed with my 1980 pick because he was a more private Christian. But, he was a leader, shared my values and I actually prayed and felt peace at changing horses in the middle of the stream. He won and so did our country. I believe God used this President to bring back decency and honor to politics. He turned out to be not only a vocal Christian, but also a practicing Christian in his politics. God used him.

While all men have faults and all political parties have their good and bad representatives, there is a primary responsibility given to all men and women born on earth to preserve, protect, and govern their lands. We must make good choices. We must vote in our culture for men and women who will do what is right and honor God and humanity.

In 1992 and 1996 we elected a smiling face with a political agenda. I was shocked that Americans could elect such a partisan to such a high office. We got what we deserved. We are still suffering from the ramifications of humanistic and anti-God policies. When decency and morals are thrown out of societies the result is chaos.

This week we all can vote. While I can not tell you who to vote for, I can tell you that it does matter who we elect. Morality matters, values matter. Party platforms matter. Who someone stands with matters. How someone votes matters.

Go Vote. Remember your creator when you vote. Vote for people who will represent your values and principles, not men who use their own money to go around the law or men who try to scare the elderly so they will not vote for his opponent.

Vote for candidates who want to protect your country and who want to stop terrorist and promote faith based solutions for societies problems. There are men and women in politics who promote hate and use race and quotas as tools to keep their political base. Avoid such men. Vote for the right men and women who are not afraid to represent the real needs of your community.

This is the opinion of the writer. Not an official stand of On The Go Ministries.

Daily prayer focus: Pray for your country as people go and vote their conscience. May God's will be done. Honor Christ even when you vote.

Also, pray for our Governmental Leaders as they continue to make key decisions which will effect our generation and generations to come. Pray for newly elected officials that they will honor God in all that they do.

On The Go Prayer Focus: Joan Cook's "Women On The Go" Ministries. Joan's "Women On The Go" programs are implemented at women's conferences, local churches, retreats, and separate stand-alone events. God has given her a burden to minister to and encourage women in their walk with the Lord. Pray for Joan as she ministers and shares from her heart and as she presents motivational, evangelistic programs, materials, and leadership to and for women that will challenge and motivate them to a deeper walk with the Lord.

Thank you for taking the time to pray for this important division of On The Go Ministries. For more information on any our ministries here at On The Go, you may send your questions to info@onthego.org.

On The Go Daily Devotional for November 8, 2016
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