Friday, December 9, 2016

Have A Full Heart part 2 of 4

Have A Full Heart part 2 of 4 by Keith Cook

News Event: Puntarenas Festival in Costa Rica - December 9 & 10. Praise God for the opportunity to share the Christ through music, drama. children and youth events, the Gospel message, and more!

Here are some Helps for Following Christ

"Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." 2 Timothy 2:15

You can grow as a Christian by doing the following things on a regular basis! While these four expressions of a Full Heart are vital they are not all God has for you to do. But they are a great foundation.

Yesterday we looked at the first expression of a full heart, Prayer. Today let us examine the second, Bible Study.

2. Bible Study - There are many ways study the word of God.

Some have daily devotions, where they take a few minutes each day to look at a passage from the Bible and be inspired by it. They often read a comment or insight from a famous or scholarly Christian that reflects the meaning of the passage. You are reading one of On The Go's daily devotions today. These devotions are not designed to take the place of real Bible Study.

Many people study the Bible by going to Bible Study classes. Some of these are at church and many others are in homes or fun settings. There are men's study groups, women's, youth, athletes, businessmen, and on and on. I used to hold Bible studies for Rodeo Cowboys. It was so much fun. They even talked me into having a Christian Rodeo. Only problem was we could not find a Christian bull! Bible study groups help you stay focused and keep you involved for a longer period of time because there is accountability.

In my opinion, the best way to study the Bible is to get a good study Bible and set aside a time when you can spend 30 minutes to an hour to just read and reflect on what you are reading. This is so important. I suggest you track your reading with a simple notebook where you keep up with the date, passages read, personal observations and notes. Keep your reading plan simple but dig deep as you actually study. Do not be afraid of asking questions to pastors and Bible teachers that are based on what you are reading and studying. A good Bible commentary is also helpful BUT never read the commentary first. Always let God speak to you first. Let Him direct you to what He is saying to you before you see what He has said to others.

Studying the Word of God provides:

a. Wisdom to live the Christian life. (James 1:5)
b. A standard that is solid and secure. (Isaiah 40:8)

Let me encourage you to study God's word. It will give you wisdom beyond your normal capacity. You will gain insights you cannot find anywhere else.

Tomorrow we will look at the next area of a full heart, Fellowship!

Daily Prayer Focus: Take time to read your Bible today. Take a few extra minutes to dig deep into the word of God. Pray that God will give you divine insights into His Word.

On The Go Prayer Focus: Costa Rica Festival Team ministering in Puntarenas through December 13, 2016. Pray for a mighty move of God across the nation of Costa Rica as the Gospel is presented and for a bountiful harvest of souls. We will try to update our website daily as we have reports. Our web address is Thanks for your prayers and support.

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