Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Healthy Stages of Decision Making

Healthy Stages of Decision Making by Keith Cook

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your steps." Proverbs 3:5, 6

Each of us are constantly confronted with having to make decisions that can and will affect us for years to come. Making wise and timely decisions is very important for Spirit filled believers. Avoiding making decisions that can hurt not just the individual but also others around them.

Here are several suggestions that may help you as you make important decisions. Always remember that the Holy Spirit and the Word of God is always available to lead and direct you.

1. When you find yourself needing to make a decision it is important to pray and trust God that a proper decision can be made.

2. After you check in with God and are looking at your opportunity with confidence in God's direction then you should be able to list and observe all known options. Look at every one of the options at hand. Brainstorm, be led by the Spirit, relax, and have fun while trusting Jesus to help you as you look to the future.

3. Look at how you emotionally and really feel about the issue. Reflect on each option. Do not get in a hurry, but also do not go so slow as possible to avoid making the decision or letting the decision be made without needing you.

4. Next, get very practical and check out options in light of your priorities, beliefs, and scriptures. This can often help you take options off your list and often can help you see clearly the direction you need to go.

5. Do not be afraid to now pick acceptable options and narrow options to one or two.

6. When you are confident in your choice options and their validity then verbalize your decision and solicit feedback from others who can help with wisdom. It is important that you open up to those who can help you make the decision. Do not confide in everyone but only the appropriate individuals who can really help. Too many voices can shout out God's still small voice.

7. Once you make your decision put all you have into your decision. Your enthusiasm and energy will serve you well. Go out now under the direction of the Holy Spirit and honor Christ by actually doing it. Go for it. Just do it.

8. Do not look back at the nay sayers and short sighted, negative bystanders who want to evaluate your actions from the sideline.

9. Do not be afraid to listen to pro-active participants and those who really want to help you as you move out to implement your decisions.

10. Listen to the Lord and check in with Him concerning every step you make. Do not get the plan and then go off to work the plan without Christ.

I hope this helps you make some great and Godly decisions that you may have been avoiding or needed direction with. God is going to use you in a wonderful way.

Daily Prayer Focus: Pray about making Godly decisions this week. Give Christ every opportunity to guide your decisions.

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Daily Devotion for December 27, 2016
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