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Reaping And Sowing In Our Future Part 4

Reaping And Sowing In Our Future Part 4 by Keith Cook

"Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee." Isaiah 26:3

We have been looking at how we can sow: Love, Stability, Faith, and Hope into people's lives. Shall we go deeper into what God has to say about sowing for our future? Yes!

5. We can sow Peace - "Blessed are the peacemakers" God would have all of us sow peace into every situation we face with others. When we stir up a situation and encourage someone to be mad or react in anger, we are doing them no real service. We should calm fears and help to bring God's peace on earth.

A few years ago my wife, Joan, and I were walking in an inner city neighborhood where we have been ministering for the last ten years. We know them and they know us. It is a rough and violent place at night. During the day it is sad to walk around and see the scars of nightly sins of alcohol, drugs, and sexual abuse.

On this particular day we had a team out praying door to door with all our neighborhood friends. It had already proved to be a great morning. God was blessing and several individuals had been blessed by our visits.

Joan spotted Shelia, one of our favorite ladies in the neighborhood and started to visit with her. While Joan was talking with her I noticed a man standing near them. He looked at me and then he looked away. Without posing a threat to him, I started moving toward him and casually said "Hello." He looked at me and said "Stay away! I've got murder on my mind!"

When he said this my mind immediately went into gear thinking: "I've got a team ministering in the community and we could have a safety problem." "My wife is in danger and has no idea that this man is thinking about killing someone." "What can I do to help this man not murder someone?"

Quickly I asked the Lord for direction and in my heart He told me to bring His peace to this man and not to be afraid. God assured me in my heart that He would protect me, my wife, and the team.

For nearly an hour I was able to share with the man and speak God's love to him. He shared that evil thoughts had been flowing through his mind all day. By the time I left he had calmed down and said that he would not kill anyone.

Several minutes later one of our prayer teams met him at his house and prayed with him. I had not told them about my prior visit. (I was standing outside the porch listening to their prayer time for safety reasons!) Once they were finished they all came out and with the man in tow, they came over to me and he proudly reported that he now had peace in his mind not murder. He had accepted Jesus into his heart.

His girlfriend said that he needed a touch from God and had been praying for God to send help. God had answered our prayers!

Daily Prayer Focus: Pray that you will be a sower of good seed into people's lives.

On The Go Prayer Focus: On The Go's GoCare ministry. This is our acts of kindness and benevolence ministry department. The focus of our GoCare ministry is to reach out to physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of hurting individuals and to build bridges between churches and their communities.

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