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Reaping And Sowing In Our Future

Reaping And Sowing In Our Future by Keith Cook

"And sow the fields, and plant vineyards, which may yield fruits of increase. He blesseth them also, so that they are multiplied greatly; and suffereth not their cattle to decrease." Psalm 107:37, 38

The Bible says that we need to face the future, that our future is not affected by the culture, the economy, terrorists, or the calamities that are going on. The Bible says that our future is directly tied to our trusting in the Lord and that it is unwise not to consider our future.

The next thing about our future is that we reap in the future what we have sown in the past. If we haven't sown or stored up anything, we won't reap anything. If you haven't trained up an army for the Lord, you won't have an army that is ready to fight when the enemy rushes in. If you haven't seeded into your children faith principles and godliness when they are young, then when they go off to college or when they go out into the world and they face problems and are struggling, or their wife leaves them, or their child does something crazy, they won't know what to do.

God says we reap what we have sown. The Bible says we can sow into people's lives, we can share into people's lives, and we can be a blessing in someone's life. We can make a difference in this world, but we have to do it. Some of us when calamities happen are not prepared because we have not sown enough good seed into our lives and into the lives of others around us.


1. We can sow Love - Love is an attitude and it is contagious. When you return love for hate, God wins. When you act in love and refuse to react in fear, God wins.

2. We can sow Stability - Our lives can bring stability and strength to those around us. By living by God's standards, that are found in the Bible, we help bring stability into our world. Every time you turn the other cheek or help an enemy you are used of God to bring more stability into our culture.

Dave Ramsey and I have been friends for several years. He is man who has seen adversity in his life. In the past he has gone from rags to riches and back to rags. Then he heard the voice of God concerning how a Christian man and woman could be financially responsible and how Christians can get and stay out of debt. Through his pain God has taught him some profound principles and life lessons.

Dave sows financial stability into people's lives. He offers sound, solid Biblical advice on how to "owe no man anything". His life has been an inspiration to millions across the nation. The "Dave Ramsey Show" radio program is heard around the U.S.A. and his Financial Peace University Seminars are helping to deliver thousands from financial ruin. While visiting his office one day, Dave showed me a huge acrylic vat filled with cut up credit cards that people had sent him. This trophy of changed lives proves that Dave has been used of God in many people's lives. He has sown stability.

Daily prayer focus: Pray that you can sow love and stability to all you meet. Start today by living by God's principles and by mentoring others in love and stability.

On The Go Prayer Focus: Keith Cook Crusades, Celebrations, and Festivals. God has given Keith the opportunity and privilege of sharing the message of Christ both stateside and internationally. During each opportunity, Keith presents a joyful and enthusiastic, yet powerful and clear presentation of the Gospel and a call to commitment to Christ.

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