Monday, October 7, 2019

Trusting In The Lord is Productive

Trusting In The Lord is Productive by Keith Cook

"They that trust in the LORD shall be as mount Zion, which cannot be removed, but abideth for ever." Psalm 125:1

When you trust in the Lord you are guaranteed supernatural and divine help. God will be there for you. You can count on it. In His word He gives each believer five wonderful assurances they can count on.

1. When a believer trusts in the Lord they have COURAGE! The word says with God we "cannot" be moved. Having God protecting your back provides courage to fight any battle or courage to move out by faith in an area of risk.

2. Trusting God also produces STABILITY! When God's word says we "cannot be moved" that means we will never, ever come close to being moved from a direction Christ would have us to go. No matter what the stock market does we will have stability if we rely on Christ. No matter who is elected to office we can have stability if we trust in Jesus.

3. SECURITY is also guaranteed when one follows Christ. "The Lord surrounds His people" is not only a great promise but can be a present reality for you. Peace and rest can be yours no matter what you are going through. Security is yours for this life and forever. Once you leave this old earth behind you can be assured you will live forever with Christ in Heaven.

4.  When you trust in the Lord you also have a LEGACY. David said believers would "abide forever" and all who believe in Christ will have a legacy of hope and promise to pass down from generation to generation. A few years ago my wife's mom passed away. Joan was given her Bible. I looked through it right before I was to direct her funeral. I already knew she was a great woman of God but her Bible showed just how deep she had gone with Christ.

All throughout her Bible were scribbled dates God had given her promises out beside passages, underlined passages, sermon outlines from her favorite evangelist (Keith Cook Sr.!) and prayer reminders for those she was praying for. What a great legacy she has left behind for her family.

Her legacy was evident at her funeral. All her grandsons stood one at a time and shared a passage of scripture that reminded them of their grandmother. With tears and with pride they boldly shared each passage. They knew where she was. They also knew what she expected from them. They were to live our the legacy she had left for them. They were to follow Christ as she had followed Christ.

5. One final thought about trusting Christ. The main reward from trusting in the Lord is that it produces an optimistic and enthusiastic sense of PURPOSE in one's life. You can count on "from this time and forever" having God's Holy Spirit directing your life and giving you insight, power, and motivation to do God's perfect will. Your life is not one of chance nor a lottery as to whether or not you will make it and be successful. You are trusting in Jesus and He is trusting in you. The salvation of the lost and the working out of His plan for the future has been given to you to do in His power. Trust Him. Follow Him. Love Him. Live For Him. Produce For Him!

Daily Prayer Focus: Praise God for the opportunity to Trust in the Lord. Pray for a greater sense of Courage, Stability, Security, Legacy, and Purpose in your own life as you seek to serve God.

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