Monday, June 20, 2016

A Lady of God

A Lady of God by Keith Cook based on 2 John

I have been around two great ladies most of my life: my mother and my wife. From my mother I have seen unselfish love developed into an art form. From my wife I have seen a heart full of love and a total dedication to her family take priority in every area of her life.

With these two wonderful expressions of "a lady of God," I was amazed when God revealed to me in His Word a vivid picture of what a real lady of God is to be. I immediately thought of my mother and my wife. I am sure you will reflect and immediately think of someone who is a true "lady of God".

LOVED. A lady of God is Loved.

She is loved by God and by all who are walking in the truth of God's Word.

ACCOMPLISHED. A lady of God is Accomplished.

She walks in all God Commands and because of this she receives full rewards from her life and actions.

DISCIPLER. A lady of God is a Discipler.

She trains and molds her children and is a strong and consistent influence to others including her husband, immediate family, peers, and neighbors.

YEARNING. A lady of God is constantly Yearning.

She desires To Love others
To Be An Example to children
To Continue to Walk in all God commands
To Constantly Watch herself
To Never go to far in her remarks, words, deeds, action, attitude, expressions, or love.

If you are a woman, decide today to be a real Lady of God. Help other women you know to grow in their faith and dependence on Christ.

If you are a man, decide to be an encouragement to those ladies you are around to help them be all God wants them to be. Never allow yourself to become a stumbling block in their lives or to steal their joy and giftedness.

Our culture needs to see "A Lady Of God" today!

Personal Prayer Focus: Pray that God will continue to raise up Godly ladies to effectively serve Him. If you are a woman, pray that God will enable you to have a deeper relationship with Him as you are Loved, Accomplished, a Discipler, and Yearning. If you are a man, pray for the ladies God has placed in your life that have had a godly influence upon your walk with the Lord.

On The Go Prayer Focus: All the local churches, committees, and leaders who will be working with On The Go Ministries and the Keith Cook Team in creative outreach efforts in the United States and around the world.

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