Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Hawk

The Hawk by Keith Cook

"Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour." 1 Peter 5:8

Recently I saw a hawk sitting on a fence post in my back yard. He looked like a fine creature. He was just staring at me. Finally, after a few minutes, he majestically flew away.

I had never seen a hawk in my yard before and asked my neighbors if they had ever seen one in their yard. They informed me that they had and that it had tried to carry off their puppy but had failed due to the weight.

Wow, I had never dreamed that a hawk was so bold as to try to carry off a dog. It looked so beautiful to me, so innocent and regal sitting on my fence post. Little did I know that those steely eyes and claw like feet were just waiting to snatch up my Yorkshire Terrier..

Now every time the hawk soars above my yard I have a healthy respect for it's plans and power. I watch my dogs, and keep my distance.

The same strategy would also help us deal with the devil. He looks good, sounds good, and often acts good, but is terribly dangerous. It is not wise to spend too much time in his presence.

Just like all sin and temptation - the don't look, don't touch, don't taste strategy would be a wise one to follow. The devil is looking for an opening into your life to harm you and keep you from developing into the mature obedient Christian that Christ would have you be. Be mindful of his strategy and keep a watchful eye open for his lurking around.  Without warning he may pounce into your life and cause all kinds of havoc.

What can you do to be prepared for an attack from the devil?

1. Pray - Pray that God will direct you and protect you from the devil's schemes.

2. Read - Read the word of God to gain insight into the devil's tricks down through the ages and for clues as to how to successfully live the Christian life.

3. Watch - Watch out for traps and tricks of the devil. He is crafty and will lead you down many a dark path if you are not careful.

4. Share - Share your fears, troubles, experiences, and thoughts with other believers. Other Christians can help you navigate the devil's dens. Pastors, Bible teachers, parents and mature believers have been placed in your life to help you live for Jesus and avoid the perils of the devil.

5. Trust - Trust God with every area of your life and never take off on your own and do anything you know is wrong or are not sure if you should.

Do not fear the devil but be aware of his snares. God is greater than any problem or adversary you have - trust Him.

Personal Prayer Focus: Pray for a protective hedge for you and your family from the snares and traps that the devil tries to place in your path. Decide today to be prepared against attacks from the devil by praying, reading, watching, sharing, and trusting.

On The Go Prayer Focus: On The Go's World Outreach Center (WOC). This is our main office and training facility. Pray for God to protect the building, guard the mechanical and structural aspects of the facility, and use the facility for maximum eternal benefits.

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