Thursday, June 30, 2016

The GoPrayer

The GoPrayer by Keith Cook

"Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers." 3 John 2

If you want to help others to be all that God wants them to be you can pray for them. The kind of prayer that I am talking about is proactive prayer. Your prayer is full of life and action. When you are praying for them you are praying for a positive reason, seeking God directed results, and expecting God to supply all their needs for His glory.

Why not try praying, what I call, the "GoPrayer". The structure of this prayer is important. It helps you when you pray to pray a more focused and directed prayer. Pray for the following three things:

1. Pray that they will Prosper.

Pray for their finances and livelihood. Pray that all they touch will be successful. When Christians prosper they automatically bless others if they are in the Spirit. This helps the overall plan of God. Believers are blessed and they bless others who then can bless others. The cycle should never be broken. If everyone keeps blessing everyone who has a need then everyone's needs are being met. The only thing that can stop the flow of God's blessings is when someone decides not to share and give as they have been given unto.

2. Pray that they will be in Good Health.

God given compassion will drive you to your knees to pray for someone's health and well-being. When someone is in good health they are able to go for Jesus and use their talents for His kingdom. Pray for their good health because you care and because you want them to be able to use their health as a testimony for Christ.

3. Pray that their Soul Prospers.

Always remember to pray that someone is walking and developing in Christ. It is not enough to have wealth and health. We all also need true spirituality. Pray that your friends and associates will prosper in spiritual matters. Pray that they will read the Word of God and discern what God is saying to their hearts. Pray that they will mature and grow as disciples of Christ in these last days. Pray that they will be prepared to share their faith and that they will have divine appointments. A soul never really prospers unless it is being used by God to bring others into a right relationship with Christ. This is what the Bible calls a "wise" person. This is someone who is out winning souls.

The GoPrayer is appropriate to pray for everyone that you know. It is also alright to share with those you are praying for that you are praying for them. It should encourage them. It may even motivate them to start using the GoPrayer in their devotional life. It also helps them know that God cares for the little things in their lives as well as the major. He is concerned with and cares for their total life. It is not selfish or sinful to ask God to prosper you, heal you, and mature you!

GoPray the GoPrayer Today!

Personal Prayer Focus: Pray for yourself and your family and friends that each one will prosper, experience good health, and that their soul will prosper.

On The Go Prayer Focus: Keith Cook, Joan Cook, the U.S.A. Staff, and On The Go Board of Directors, as they add leadership and direction for the ongoing ministries of the Keith Cook Team and On The Go.

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