Friday, June 8, 2018


Sisters - by Keith Cook

"Say to wisdom, 'You are my sister,' and call understanding your intimate friend;" Proverbs 7:4

God wants us to call wisdom our sister but what kind of wisdom can we gain from a sister?

When I was a young boy my father bought my sister and I a brand new swing set. It was a real prize. I was so proud of that new swing set; I was very controlling over it too.

One day my sister wanted to swing on the metal swing called the seesaw. She was scared to swing on the other swings. But on the seesaw she could hold onto the metal bar that attached to the swing frame.

As she was coming near the swing, I, without much thought, ran past her very abruptly and pushed the seesaw at her. As the seesaw went hurling towards my sister, my mind quickly discerned that I had initiated a very bad situation. Every fiber of my being went numb because I could not stop what I had set in motion. My fears became reality, as I watched the metal seat hit her in the face, causing a large gash. I was shocked. I thought I had killed her.

My mother rushed her to the hospital. The doctor did a great job sewing her up but the scars I had would never heal. I felt bad. I felt like a brute. I could not forgive myself for such a careless gesture.

For days after the accident my sister received my "super boy" efforts to make everything up to her. However, sisters have a way of taking advantage of brothers. They do this not by strength or meanness, but by kindness and tenderness. Most guys are unprepared for kindness. My sister kept being nice and assuring me she was fine and felt no pain. In the mean time, she was asking me to go get this or to please turn on her favorite cartoon. She was very good at getting back at me!

After a while, life got back to normal but inside my mind and heart I had learned a valuable lesson. Even though sisters can be different, they sure are a gift from God. It is such a blessing when you realize that your sibling has been a best friend, long before you knew you needed a friend. So wisdom really is "My Sister!"

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