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How To Help Children Grow Up Healthy

How To Help Children Grow Up Healthy by Keith Cook

"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6

This is the exact formula of what youth and children need from adults!

If you are around teens and children you have a responsibility to serve as a mentor to them. You can be used by Jesus to help lead them as they grow up. Some of your leading and mentoring will be done by example and some by direct teachable moments.

These teachable moments come when God provides for them. They often sound like this: "Dad, why does...", "Mom, did you ever...", "Keith, does God really say bad", "I have this friend who...".

Children and teens need the following:

1. Acceptance - They need to know that you accept them and think they are worth the effort.

2. Discipline - They need to know that you expect them to live by God's standard and your rules.

3. Independence - They need to know that you will allow them to be unique and that you trust them to God.

4. Love - They need to know that you love them even if you do not agree with them or they have done things that are wrong.

5. Expression - They need to know that you will let them share and join in the process of ministry.

When a teen or child expresses concerns or solutions to problems it is imperative to:

1. Listen to what they are saying. Really listen.

2. State what we think they are saying back to them. This will help especially in this day and age when youth give new meanings to common words.

3. Make sure you really value what they have said.

4. If you can, use what they have said to help in real situations and give them credit for helping solve them.

5. Say "thank you",  "I was wrong",  "You were right",  and "I am sorry" as often as possible.

Daily Prayer Focus: Pray that you can help those who are looking at you for wisdom and direction.

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