Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Trail Of Good Or Bad

Trail Of Good Or Bad by Keith Cook

"Out of the same mouth proceeds blessing and cursing. My brothers, these things ought not so to be." James 3:10

"Blessed is he who devotes his life to great and noble ends, and who forms his well-considered plans with deliberate wisdom." Saint Augustine

Recently a former Russian spy died from radiation poisoning. His killers left a trail of radiation all over London. This trail of radiation went to over twelve different locations varying from the places they ate, the places they stayed, and even several airplanes they traveled on. The authorities are actually traveling down a path of death and destruction based on radiation levels. It has been reported that the murderers may have contaminated 33,000 people.

As a Christian, we leave a trail behind us as well. The trail should lead people to Christ. Our path should be strait and true, void of needless detours into selfish and worldly affairs.

Wherever we go we are to leave behind blessings, not curses, life, not death. You can leave behind blessings by speaking kindly to all you meet. You can also speak encouragement and faith into people's lives. Your actual words can bring hope or douse faith. There is power in our words.What are you leaving behind you? Are you spewing poison, or showering blessings? The choice is yours.

Here are some simple things for you to focus on today:

1. Commit to spreading the Good news.

2. Devote your life to service to the King of Kings.

3. Plan on demonstrating your faith and commitment to Christ in every area of our life.

4. Expect God to lead you and provide for you as you serve Him. Make great plans, dream great dreams, and do great deeds for Jesus.

Daily Prayer Focus: Pray that you will be a blessing to each of those you come in contact with today. Pray that your life will portray Christ, and shower others with life, joy, and encouragement.

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