Monday, December 24, 2018

Just One More Day

Just One More Day by Keith Cook

"But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." Matthew 6:33

There is just a one more day till Christmas. Just one more day to shop for that perfect gift for those you love. With so much time there are many who will still wait till the last minute to get their gifts.

Some of the reasons people wait till the last minute to get that special gift:

1. They are afraid if they get a gift early they will see a more perfect gift later and will not be able to get it.

2. They do not have any idea what to get and keep hoping that they will see the perfect gift before they simply get an adequate gift that is not really what the person would want.

3. They can not afford the gift they really want to get so they put off shopping until the last minute hoping to find a way to get it.

4. The present they want to get is not available. They are sold out. In demand. Hard to find. They are hoping to find it somewhere.

5. They are too busy to go out shopping. They will get something soon.

6. They are not into getting gifts for others and will simply get what is available at the last minute if they decide to get someone something or if someone gets them something.

7. They keep putting it off till later because other things keep getting in the way. They have good intentions but the time keeps getting away from them.

In many ways there are many who put off looking into their spiritual lives the same way many avoid Christmas shopping.

1. They are afraid of giving in to God's will for their lives because there is so much time to do what God wants them to do. They want to live a little first. Then they will do it.

2. They are fearful that what they are thinking God is leading them to do is not what He really wants for them.

3. They think what God is asking them to do they can not afford to do. It will cost them too much.

4. They keep looking for God's will but can not understand what He is asking them to do. They simply miss Him because they want to understand the end result before they go on the journey of faith.

5. They are too busy with their own plans and dreams. They neglect Jesus and His call on their lives.

6. They do not think that God speaks to people today. They simply must do their best, be good, and not get caught doing anything bad. They will do something if they have to but not now.

7. Many people want to follow Christ but they keep putting it off. They want to do His will but they are so busy and their lives are so cluttered they keep missing Him.

The call of God and the perfect plan He has for your life is for an appointed time. Take that time. Do not put off following Christ. Do not neglect His will. It will be a great present to present to your Lord. Give Him the real gift He wants this Christmas, you doing His will!

Daily Prayer Focus:  Praise God today for His Great Love, the wonderful gift of Jesus Christ, and for your personal relationship with Him.

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